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In “Becoming Whole: How God Mended the Shattered and Broken Pieces of Me”, Nadia Morris takes readers on a journey of transformation, personal growth, resilience and healing. This memoir chronicles a remarkable story of redemption taking readers into the depths of the author’s struggles revealing the shattered fragments of their existence. Through God’s love and grace, the author reveals how the shattered and broken pieces were carefully moulded back together on the potter’s wheel.


As readers journey through the pages of “Becoming Whole”, they will see the transformation from a place of desolation to newfound purpose, strength and resolve. The book offers practical guidance on embracing faith, forgiveness and acceptance.


Prepare to be moved, inspired and transformed as you dive into the pages that show God’s love and illuminate a path towards becoming whole.

Becoming Whole:How God Mended the Shattered and Broken Pieces of Me

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Paperback

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